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Wednesday, October 11

Moving On

Some major stuff has been happenin over here. Within the last week, my dad lost his job, my friend lost her baby, and a friend's mom is being checked for cancer. I hung out with a friend from England (and her two kids who were sweet but a little wound up - NOTE: I'm being very kind here) and we went to the pumpkin farm. I drove to Indiana BY MYSELF - no help from another driver and no kids - it was a mixed bag, by the time I got home, I had to lay in bed for almost 2 days straight.

My cat has fleas, thus all of us have flea bites, especially me, around our ankles. They. Drive. Me. (scratch, scratch) Crazy.

I tried to quit my job, but I think they don't believe me. LL puked so he missed another day of school. We were supposed to go out of town this weekend for Big A's job, but he has a deadline, so that might not happen. Phew - I'm overloaded.
This is, of course, in addition to soccer, volunteering, laundry - lots o' it (b/c you know, fleas...), cooking, and all the normal whatnot.

And this crazy squirrel was terrorizing me!!!

As a stress reliever I watch Project Runway. Project Runway, for those of you living in a hole (or without cable, which is the same as living in a hole), is on Bravo on Wednesday nights at 10pm. In case you miss it, I'm sure they will repeat it about 50 times, so no worries about missing that show.

The hook is that they bring in 16 (?) designers and each week they have a design challenge ("Make It Work, People"). For example, one week they had to make an outfit for a jetsetter, and had to get on a plane and fly to Paris and be judged on how well their design withstood the jet and the setting. It rocked.

So tonight is the beginning of the finals - they have 4 finalists, who each get to show at Olympus fashion week. Even if you aren't into fashion, which Big A could wear plaid flannel with flannel lined jeans every day, you could watch for all the D-R-A-M-A. This gay guy, argues with that gay guy, and whoa, that bitchy Angela got in the way. You, know, the interesting part of tv!
So, I'm rooting for Jeffrey or Michael. I do not like Uli - she's soo, Miami (one-dimensional).
But Jeffrey, seriously, he's hardcore. You have to vote for guy who designs fashion AND has tattoos on his neck!


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