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Wednesday, September 13

Photo Fun

Ok, today I learned how to upload photos to my blog. Watch out Blogosphere!
We can see New Jersey from here!

Some statue of some Civil War guy, yadda, yadda (well, ok, it was Stonewall Jackson at Bull Run but, I'm a Yankee, I don't care about Stonewall)

Let's all go to the International House of Pancakes! Mmm, Rooty Tutti Fresh 'N Fruity

Um, we passed this building like 3 or 4 times unintentionally - it looked way more interesting in person

Write something witty here....

Kitty says - take the picture before my teeth freeze together!!

Yeah, it's just you. You're eyes must be going.

What? No, the picture isn't small to me...

Why do you ask?


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