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Thursday, September 28


The page is blank and my brain is just that... blank.

I'm working on overload and can't form a clear thought. LL is sick today with a fever - yup, a high fever. He always seems to shoot right up there to 103, 104 and hang up there hot and heavy for a day or so. Then it comes down, fast, and everything is back to normal. I'm one of those 'crunchy' types who like to let the fever run it's course without giving medicine, if at all possible. So LL is toughin it out up in our bedroom, watching Star Wars I for the umpteenth time - it's tough to give up a day of school.

Kitty did NOT want to miss school today (thank God! that's a first!) because they were having a 'fluff' party - not what you're thinking, dirty mind!! - they get rewards for being good in class, like extra recess, bringing a stuffed animal, etc. Today they get to wear a costume. Last week, Kitty spent her money to pay for half of this snow princess costume at Target. She looks just like the girl!!

But really, things are pretty crazy around here with soccer practice 2 nights a week, games on Saturdays, and all the other crap we're doing (swim lessons, picnics, travel, volunteering at school, etc.). Meanwhile, Big A is working lots of hours AND trying to get his tude back in line.

Me? Well, I'm excited because I have a friend who's helping me organize my crap. What a good friend! She's helping me go through drawers and cabinets and such and I'm loving it! Sometimes, you need another pair of eyes to say "What are you going to do with all this crap?"

(BTW, notice all the crap behind Kitty in the picture above - it's like that everywhere in our house!! It will take months to get through this - my friend has no idea what she's in for!)


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