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Wednesday, September 6

I am wasting time...

I am wasting time, because I can and then I will waste more time tomorrow until 3:45 when I pick up the kids and then all hell breaks loose!

I'm sitting around, eating fancy chocolates and making myself coctails and lounging in my lingerie, waiting for the knight on the white horse to come by and.... wait, whoa, that's another, very private dream....

er, ahem....

I'm really just wasting time on the internet because my kids are both in school now - one in kindergarten and one in second grade. I'm a soccer mom b/c they are both in soccer too! I drive a mini-van. When did I lose my edge?!! Did I ever have an edge?!!
We survived the funeral in DC and even managed to have a good time too. My uncle wasn't always the nicest guy, but hey, he loved me, so who cares if he liked any one else! We laughed, we didn't cry, because we don't really do that in my family, but we did eat food. Lots of food. Now I am, as they say in some countries, El-Blurbo! Seniorita El-Blurbo to you.

My kids are master travelers now, having traveled to the East Coast and back a few times now. And, no, we do not use a DVD player in the car for trips. I know we are like the last people to do it, but dammit, if I didn't have a portable DVD when I was a kid, then neither will they! They will suffer with tapeplayer walkmans, just like everyone else who vacationed in the 80s! F**$ progress! (ok, I did let them listen to Crazy Frog on my mp3, b/c OMG, did you know my kids talk non-stop?!! NON_STOP!!! On the way home from Jersey, LL talked for 2 1/2 hours STRAIGHT!!! Yes, 2 1/2 hours. We timed him. And we were at that giggly point when everything was funny and he kept saying "What's so funny? Why are we laughing? This is great! And fun... " and he just. could. not. shut. up. So, yes, I did let him listen to music so my ears could take an LL break before I rolled down the windows to scream "TAKE MY SON, SOMEBODY PLEASE. FOR SALE CHEAP!!!"


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