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Monday, September 18

HMM, Monday

Hi there, blog.

Long time, no write.


I know. I know.

Please forgive me.

Have been fighting colds and trying to give Big A a nice birthday.

Yeah, thanks. I hope we get better soon, too. Kitty is home from school today - a big stretch for her (sarcasm, sarcasm).

What's that? Does she like kindergarten? Oh, Noooo! She does not like kindergarten. It's boring and she doesn't get to make any of her own choices. Life's tough when you're 5. And, yes, as adults, it's hard to remember that we have choices that brought us to where we are in our life.

Yup,... and that brings me to Big A's birthday. I think he wound up having a good birthday in the end - we found $1 sushi at an ultra-trendy, uber hip club where management was hovering over the 'crowd' (I use that term loosely) while we ate and drank sake bombs. It's so rare for us to go out anymore, and I was not in the mood. Usually, I'm the one who wants to go, go, go, but I had worked that day, done a bunch of errands, played after school with kids and taken LL to soccer practice. I was too pooped and for some strange reason was worried that I was not trendy enough to go to this club.

I don't know why I cared about being trendy enough. Really, it wouldn't have mattered anyway. This place was trying so hard. They kept checking to see if Big A was done with his sushi so they could clear the tables and put out the champagne buckets. LAME. Maybe I'm getting too old for this stuff, OR maybe it's the fact that I've never been trendy and never will be and we just wanted cheap sushi. BUT, I think Big A had a good day and the ice cream cake from Cold Stone didn't hurt.

And since I haven't yet included a picture of Big A online - here is one. You're nice looking for a 36 year old man - you're aging gracefully, and I think I'll still keep ya.


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