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Tuesday, August 1

Oh, the Humanity...

So a few months ago, when LL started his new school, I started volunteering. At the end of the year, the teacher gave me a gift card to Red Lobster.

Yay, Red Lobster.

No, really..... yay.

I'm happy to have any chance to go out to eat, esp when I don't have to pay.

Except where everything is fried and breaded and cheesy and sticky and you feel like you're rolling yourself out of the booth. The cheesy bread and the cheesy dip (why order a meal when there's dip?) and the iceberg lettuce salad. Why not have a margarita?

And the pant unbuttoning. UGH!

As a side note, I DON'T EAT SHRIMP or LOBSTER because it makes me sick to my stomach - more about this in a post to come. But I was weak, am weak. I am a weak, weak soul. All for the sake of a free meal, I ate shrimp. And now I will pay.

How can something so small make such a big problem!!

Oh, the humanity....


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