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Saturday, August 19

I... Love... New York....!!! Part 1

I love NYC! I love the beach! I love the boardwalk! I love vacation!

Good times! Just back from vacation late last night - lots of sun, sand, spending tons of money, and seeing friends and family.

First off, we went to VA to see my grandad who turned 91 while I was there. To celebrate, we went to, well, the bar, of course! Wouldn't you go out dancing with your grandpappy? The whole place adores him! The owner, the leader of this band, the bartenders, I mean everyone was yelling for Hank! They shuffled him over the bar and bought him shots. And the young ladies love him! I mean, they were lining up to dance with him - yes, a bunch of young, scantily clad, hot blonds. So, Grandad and I were doing shots of Grand Marnier.

Now, Grandad is a short little guy...shorter than me (I'm 5'2") but he can shake those hips, and down the alcohol. I had to pack it in at 2 am because I'm such a lightweight, but he stayed out until 4am! When all of your grandparents are going to getting ready for bed at 7 pm, he hasn't even started his night. You know none of the cool people go to the bar before midnight.

My birthday is the day after his, so you know, we always have to have a nice celebration.
More about the trip in a later post....
Days of Our Lives - Is anyone else sick of the whole Jack is gonna die storyline?!! How MANY times will Jack die, then not die?


I mean, I have put up with a lot of crap from this show over the years - Roman is John, John is a mercenary, Stefano's alive, he's not alive, Tony is alive, he's not alive, Marlena has a double, then she's possessed by the devil (just plain skipped a few months of viewing there), Claire is Shawn and Belle's but nobody knows it, yet...., but I digress...

What's the deal with Jack? Frankly, I just don't even care anymore! Just get that storyline over! I'm done with it!


But really, what did I miss while I was gone?


  • At 8:20 AM, Anonymous Amy said…

    I was saw your post at, so I wanted to let you know that IKEA is coming to Cincinnati.

    Alas, it won't open until at least next year, possibly 2008, but at least it will be in the same state!

  • At 9:02 PM, Blogger BradyFan said…

    I am so psyched - already planning an excuse to get to Cincy!! Thx, Amy!


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