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Friday, August 4

Columbus Clippers....

Ring Your Bell!

Cowtown AAA Baseball Rules! Cheap and easy.
Yup, we were down at the Coop tonight. It's a decent time. Kitty (my daughter, not her real name tho) was a squirmy little one and Big A only had one beer so he was bored by the 5th inning. I liked going and LL had a good time too. I think it's fun to hang out at the stadium and watch the game. It's more of my culture (Big A would rather be at the art museum). But maybe when the kids are old they won't need as much therapy since we took them to a sporting event/game or two.

On another note, LL slammed his finger in the car door today and screamed like a baby girl. It just so happened that we were at the dr's office for Kitty's well-child check-up. So, they ushered us right into the back room and gave us a block of ice the size of your head to put on his 'wound'. The 'wound' was one finger with a blood blister under the finger nail. The doctor had to baby him instead of taking care of Kitty for her check-up. The way he carried on the rest of the day, you would think that his whole hand had been caught in the door and he wouldn't be able to move it for weeks.

My impression of LL: The pain, the chills (chills???),.... so weak, must just lay on couch and watch tv or maybe I can get the strength to play on the computer... it.... just.... hurts.... soooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, maybe I'm heartless. I'm a pretty touchy feely mom, real involved, but when I was a kid, there was no way i could carry on like that. I would have heard "Toughen up, kid" for the gazillionth time. So, I lost my patience for the drama about the 263rd time he complained that it hurt so baaad. Ok, maybe he will need the therapy!

Kitty, on the other hand, was a real trooper. She got 3 shots and barely broke a tear at the third one. She did deep breathing to make it all better. I'm impressed.


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