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Monday, August 7

Block Party and other news

I should wear a button that says, "I survived the Block Party of '06"

Nah, we had a good time and really there weren't too many mishaps. One fire incident (sorry Brian). But overall it was a success! The fire truck came! The water balloon toss was fun! The bike parade was cool - even tho LL threw a tantrum at the beginning and missed it - Kitty got to lead the way! The heat, oh, the heat. I melted and melted and melted. And today I'm sore, so sore. Overall, it was a success. I'll have to get new recruits for next year.

Other news: Tomorrow I go to the oncologist. NOT HAPPY about going to the oncologist.

It's been three months since my last check-up and this is just a routine check-up, a necessary evil. Tomorrow they will take bloodwork to let me know if I'm still cancer-free.

Yup, cancer. Colorectal cancer to be exact. I guess it's time to tell my story....

On April 13, 2005, I found out that I had a tumor in my colon (yes, I had had bleeding for over a year that I ignored until we were on a decent health insurance plan and my husband had a job after many months of unemployment). Who thinks you have cancer at 30 with no family history of colon cancer? Not I...

May 5, 2005 (I remember because it was Cinco de Mayo and I couldn't drink!) I had an anastamosis or a colon resection. By then, I knew it was cancerous but it took 5 days to find out that I had Stage 3 colorectal cancer. Stage 3 because one lymph node was involved. After my surgery, they didn't see any traces of cancer in my bloodwork but as a 'preventative' measure, the doctors said i would need five weeks of radiation treatments and six months of chemo. 'Preventative' seemed to take on a whole new meaning.

LL was 5 1/2 and Kitty was just 4. When I was their age, it was my GRANDPARENTS who had cancer, not a parent.

Let me just say that I come from a health oriented culture, not that I've always been healthful. So when I was diagnosed, I got advice from literally around the world from friends, acquaintances, anyone and everyone had advice for what natural health tonic/cure/miracle doo-hickey I could take to cure me. And on the other side, I had my husband's family who said to do exactly what the doctor tells you because they know everything and that is the best thing in the world and doctors are all knowing and can spin the world on their little pinkies!

Ok, maybe I'm exaggerating a little but you get the idea. So, surgery, radiation and chemo. After months of feeling really great after my surgery (because of my new, improved health rituals), I decided to submit myself to chemo and radiation because **I love my kids and I wanted to do all of the best things to help be around for them in the future and some of those things included using both types of medicine - complementary and traditional.

I didn't give in because of the pressure but because I wanted to do the right thing for my family and not just me personally.

And it's been six months since I ended all of my treatments. I'm now in that 5 year window they give you after you end treatments. You know, the limbo phase before you can officially be declared in remission. It's good to be here, I think.

I am a little concerned b/c that's the nature of this beast. I also have had a slight pain in my back on and off. Might be nothing.

So, here's wishing that tomorrow is a good day and that I will be granted another three months.

**(Oh, yeah, in this process too, it was implied that if I didn't take chemo and radiation, that I didn't love my kids. And to these people, I say, You suck! If you imply that, you obviously live in a hole and deserve 50 lashes).


  • At 10:58 AM, Blogger wen said…

    i used to live in columbus, too. (i got here from over at finslippy, where you left a comment about living in ohio).

    i am sending you LOTS of good thoughts that your bloodwork is a-okay.

    and get the back pain checked. it's probably nothing, but you should check it anyway, so you can sleep easier. even if you just go to a chiropractor...

  • At 7:27 PM, Blogger BradyFan said…

    Thanks wen!


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