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Sunday, August 27

Another one bites the dust

Well, internet, I was going to continue posting about my trip to the East Coast - about going the beach with the kiddos and hitting Toys R Us Times Square and all the other drama. And maybe post about the colonoscopy and how I don't have to have another one for 3 years!! 3 years!! Wow!

.... but, during the night, last night, my uncle passed away. My dad's older brother passed on. And so, this week, the week that LL is starting second grade and Kitty is starting full-day kindergarten, we will be going to a funeral in D.C. for my uncle. My uncle, who always called me sweetie, and even though I didn't see him very often - when I did see him, he was great to me. When I had cancer, he called and made sure I was ok. When my brother died, he came out and gave me special attention. He and my other uncle and my dad would make us laugh so hard, that my mom would literally pee her pants. And, he would give me stuff when I saw him, or take us out to eat.

One time, I helped him pack up his stuff to move from Cleveland back to D.C. and I just had my own apartment. I saw a rolled up rug in the closet and asked if I could have it. He said sure - well, it turned out that it was a $700 rug or something. He didn't mean to give me that rug, so he would always ask for it back and it became a running joke, esp since I've had it for 9 years now and it's in my bedroom and I will never have to give it back now.


Oh, and he was a complete flirt! Used to flirt with my girlfriends when I was in college. It was almost embarrassing. But on the other hand, it was cute and fun. And I liked it.

I will miss having him in my life, occassionally at least.
Godspeed, Uncle Dick.


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