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Monday, July 31

The HEAT... Ugh!

Temperature: 94 degrees
Heat Index: 101 degrees
How long can 2 young kids stay entertained in a/c? um, 5 minutes? max!

For the umpteenth day this summer, we are going to be stuck in our house sucking in freon. And, yes, this is all my fault. To tell you the truth, the kids couldn't care less about the heat outside. As long as they have someone out there to watch them, they're fine. But, if I but step inside for one moment into the air conditioned bliss... all hell break's loose. The drama, the boredom, on and on.

Friday was the pirate pool party for LL. Big whopping 7 year old.

It was fun but tiring! By Saturday, though, I was beat. For some insane reason, we didn't turn on the a/c that day! WHAT? you say. ARE YOU INSANE? you say.

I know, I know. What were we thinking? Big A doesn't like the a/c so on his days off I really try to avoid it. By 8pm I was toast. We walked to this festival that's about 3 blocks from our house.
I came home dripping in sweat and about lost it. And if mommy ain't happy, ain't nobody happy.

Soo, in order to keep the peace, Big A complied and ever since then, we've had the blessed coolness on.

Now, how to entertain the kiddos. For some reason, this was the birthday of missiles and firearms (nerf, of course).

Since you don't know, Big A is the biggest pacifist I have ever met. I am pretty close but throw in the occasional water gun and I'm ok. We had the hugest problem when our preschool allowed sword play.

So this is huge.

The cross bow I can work with but there is no way that I can deal with the toy gun. It's totally lifelike and everything. Unfortunately, LL broke it out while I was sleeping Sat morning. I plan to return it but am missing 1 (yes, only 1) of the darts, lost somewhere in the black hole of my house and I can't return it until I have all of the pieces!!!! One lousy orange dart! Bleh!


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