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Thursday, November 2

Can-Dy, Can-Dy, CAN-DY!

Let the sugar meltdown commence -

Kit-kats and rollos and lifesaver gummies,
Snickers and Crunch bars and gold chocolate money.
Skittles and Milk Duds, that gum up your teeth,
These are a few of my favorite things....


Wednesday, November 1


Yup - a post a day - no matter how stupid. Halloween - OVER, in the can, see ya next year. Christmas - less than two months away from crazy holiday happiness.

I love Christmas - I absolutely love it. It's the one bright thing in the middle of dark days and cold days/nights. I love the lights and the decorations. I love teh cooking and camaraderie. I love the holiday parties and the excuses to shop for all my loved ones. I love the time together decorating and picking out a tree at our favorite place. I love the christmas movies - all the old Christmas Carol versions (the 1938 or the 1951? 51, of course, and then there's the 1984 with George C. Scott) and It's a Wonderful Life, The Grinch and it goes on and on.

If you like to be organized, you can go to the organized christmas website and get it all together. But if you're like me, you'll be running around on the 23rd like a chicken with your head cut off.

And don't forget to google some personalized santa letters for the kids!!!

Wednesday, October 11

Moving On

Some major stuff has been happenin over here. Within the last week, my dad lost his job, my friend lost her baby, and a friend's mom is being checked for cancer. I hung out with a friend from England (and her two kids who were sweet but a little wound up - NOTE: I'm being very kind here) and we went to the pumpkin farm. I drove to Indiana BY MYSELF - no help from another driver and no kids - it was a mixed bag, by the time I got home, I had to lay in bed for almost 2 days straight.

My cat has fleas, thus all of us have flea bites, especially me, around our ankles. They. Drive. Me. (scratch, scratch) Crazy.

I tried to quit my job, but I think they don't believe me. LL puked so he missed another day of school. We were supposed to go out of town this weekend for Big A's job, but he has a deadline, so that might not happen. Phew - I'm overloaded.
This is, of course, in addition to soccer, volunteering, laundry - lots o' it (b/c you know, fleas...), cooking, and all the normal whatnot.

And this crazy squirrel was terrorizing me!!!

As a stress reliever I watch Project Runway. Project Runway, for those of you living in a hole (or without cable, which is the same as living in a hole), is on Bravo on Wednesday nights at 10pm. In case you miss it, I'm sure they will repeat it about 50 times, so no worries about missing that show.

The hook is that they bring in 16 (?) designers and each week they have a design challenge ("Make It Work, People"). For example, one week they had to make an outfit for a jetsetter, and had to get on a plane and fly to Paris and be judged on how well their design withstood the jet and the setting. It rocked.

So tonight is the beginning of the finals - they have 4 finalists, who each get to show at Olympus fashion week. Even if you aren't into fashion, which Big A could wear plaid flannel with flannel lined jeans every day, you could watch for all the D-R-A-M-A. This gay guy, argues with that gay guy, and whoa, that bitchy Angela got in the way. You, know, the interesting part of tv!
So, I'm rooting for Jeffrey or Michael. I do not like Uli - she's soo, Miami (one-dimensional).
But Jeffrey, seriously, he's hardcore. You have to vote for guy who designs fashion AND has tattoos on his neck!

Thursday, September 28


The page is blank and my brain is just that... blank.

I'm working on overload and can't form a clear thought. LL is sick today with a fever - yup, a high fever. He always seems to shoot right up there to 103, 104 and hang up there hot and heavy for a day or so. Then it comes down, fast, and everything is back to normal. I'm one of those 'crunchy' types who like to let the fever run it's course without giving medicine, if at all possible. So LL is toughin it out up in our bedroom, watching Star Wars I for the umpteenth time - it's tough to give up a day of school.

Kitty did NOT want to miss school today (thank God! that's a first!) because they were having a 'fluff' party - not what you're thinking, dirty mind!! - they get rewards for being good in class, like extra recess, bringing a stuffed animal, etc. Today they get to wear a costume. Last week, Kitty spent her money to pay for half of this snow princess costume at Target. She looks just like the girl!!

But really, things are pretty crazy around here with soccer practice 2 nights a week, games on Saturdays, and all the other crap we're doing (swim lessons, picnics, travel, volunteering at school, etc.). Meanwhile, Big A is working lots of hours AND trying to get his tude back in line.

Me? Well, I'm excited because I have a friend who's helping me organize my crap. What a good friend! She's helping me go through drawers and cabinets and such and I'm loving it! Sometimes, you need another pair of eyes to say "What are you going to do with all this crap?"

(BTW, notice all the crap behind Kitty in the picture above - it's like that everywhere in our house!! It will take months to get through this - my friend has no idea what she's in for!)

Monday, September 18

HMM, Monday

Hi there, blog.

Long time, no write.


I know. I know.

Please forgive me.

Have been fighting colds and trying to give Big A a nice birthday.

Yeah, thanks. I hope we get better soon, too. Kitty is home from school today - a big stretch for her (sarcasm, sarcasm).

What's that? Does she like kindergarten? Oh, Noooo! She does not like kindergarten. It's boring and she doesn't get to make any of her own choices. Life's tough when you're 5. And, yes, as adults, it's hard to remember that we have choices that brought us to where we are in our life.

Yup,... and that brings me to Big A's birthday. I think he wound up having a good birthday in the end - we found $1 sushi at an ultra-trendy, uber hip club where management was hovering over the 'crowd' (I use that term loosely) while we ate and drank sake bombs. It's so rare for us to go out anymore, and I was not in the mood. Usually, I'm the one who wants to go, go, go, but I had worked that day, done a bunch of errands, played after school with kids and taken LL to soccer practice. I was too pooped and for some strange reason was worried that I was not trendy enough to go to this club.

I don't know why I cared about being trendy enough. Really, it wouldn't have mattered anyway. This place was trying so hard. They kept checking to see if Big A was done with his sushi so they could clear the tables and put out the champagne buckets. LAME. Maybe I'm getting too old for this stuff, OR maybe it's the fact that I've never been trendy and never will be and we just wanted cheap sushi. BUT, I think Big A had a good day and the ice cream cake from Cold Stone didn't hurt.

And since I haven't yet included a picture of Big A online - here is one. You're nice looking for a 36 year old man - you're aging gracefully, and I think I'll still keep ya.

Wednesday, September 13

Photo Fun

Ok, today I learned how to upload photos to my blog. Watch out Blogosphere!
We can see New Jersey from here!

Some statue of some Civil War guy, yadda, yadda (well, ok, it was Stonewall Jackson at Bull Run but, I'm a Yankee, I don't care about Stonewall)

Let's all go to the International House of Pancakes! Mmm, Rooty Tutti Fresh 'N Fruity

Um, we passed this building like 3 or 4 times unintentionally - it looked way more interesting in person

Write something witty here....

Kitty says - take the picture before my teeth freeze together!!

Yeah, it's just you. You're eyes must be going.

What? No, the picture isn't small to me...

Why do you ask?

Wednesday, September 6

I am wasting time...

I am wasting time, because I can and then I will waste more time tomorrow until 3:45 when I pick up the kids and then all hell breaks loose!

I'm sitting around, eating fancy chocolates and making myself coctails and lounging in my lingerie, waiting for the knight on the white horse to come by and.... wait, whoa, that's another, very private dream....

er, ahem....

I'm really just wasting time on the internet because my kids are both in school now - one in kindergarten and one in second grade. I'm a soccer mom b/c they are both in soccer too! I drive a mini-van. When did I lose my edge?!! Did I ever have an edge?!!
We survived the funeral in DC and even managed to have a good time too. My uncle wasn't always the nicest guy, but hey, he loved me, so who cares if he liked any one else! We laughed, we didn't cry, because we don't really do that in my family, but we did eat food. Lots of food. Now I am, as they say in some countries, El-Blurbo! Seniorita El-Blurbo to you.

My kids are master travelers now, having traveled to the East Coast and back a few times now. And, no, we do not use a DVD player in the car for trips. I know we are like the last people to do it, but dammit, if I didn't have a portable DVD when I was a kid, then neither will they! They will suffer with tapeplayer walkmans, just like everyone else who vacationed in the 80s! F**$ progress! (ok, I did let them listen to Crazy Frog on my mp3, b/c OMG, did you know my kids talk non-stop?!! NON_STOP!!! On the way home from Jersey, LL talked for 2 1/2 hours STRAIGHT!!! Yes, 2 1/2 hours. We timed him. And we were at that giggly point when everything was funny and he kept saying "What's so funny? Why are we laughing? This is great! And fun... " and he just. could. not. shut. up. So, yes, I did let him listen to music so my ears could take an LL break before I rolled down the windows to scream "TAKE MY SON, SOMEBODY PLEASE. FOR SALE CHEAP!!!"